Monday, September 27, 2010

We're home

We're home and I am somewhat shocked to all of the sudden find myself a mother of 2 (of course, I realize there was nothing sudden about any of this, but still). All baby E has done today is sleep, eat, poop, repeat. I'm afraid he'll be up all night. But, to be honest, I think I'm okay with that. To spend some quiet, alone time with this little miracle, well, it sounds perfect. He's still nursing like a champ. I mean, really, this sweet baby can eat!! I'm so very grateful for that.

The kid was so super excited to meet him and show him off to their Gram and some friends who brought us dinner (thanks guys!!). He kind of had a meltdown, but I think it was mostly because he was super tired. He went to bed without a fuss (though baby E started having a meltdown while I was putting the kid to bed). The kid was worried and asked me to go check "on our baby brother".

I still owe you his birth story, and I promise it's coming. It's just that I'm kinda tired, and I'm pretty sure we have a long night ahead of us. So, really, it's coming, just not tonight.

Today's lesson - have faith. It will all work out just as it's supposed to. Just have a little faith.

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