Sunday, September 19, 2010

We have droplets, people

I'm going to write today about preparing to breastfeed this baby. The procedures I've been using are called the Newman-Goldfarb protocols. For more specific info than what I'm going to go into, you can go to this website:

I've been on 2 medications for more than a year - birth control pills and a medication called domperidone. Domperidone isn't readily available in the US as though doctors can prescribe it, pharmacies can not dispense it (except for certain kinds of pharmacies, and I can't remember what they're called right now - oh yeah, compounding pharmacies and I have no idea where one of those might exist). So, I order the medication every few months from Canada. Even though this is perfectly legal, I feel a little big naughty doing it. The purpose of the medications is to replicate pregnancy, and then a baby being born. The bcp are taken consistently, without the inactive pills. The idea is when the bcp are abruptly stopped, it mimics delivery and makes your prolactin levels go up, hopefully inducing lactation. But, then the hard work starts - pumping. I started pumping Wednesday or Thursday evening (I can't remember which) and have been pumping 4-5x a day since then, and not yet during the night. I don't think I'm willing to do that until we've at least actually met R. (hopefully tomorrow!!!!). Then, I'm supposed to start pumping every 3 hours throughout the day and at least once at night as prolactin levels are highest between 1 and 4 am.

So, mostly my boobs are just sore. They're just not used to that much, uh, attention. Yesterday, during one pumping session, hubby and I were talking and I was expressing how upset I was going to be if I'd done all this and it didn't work at all. Now, please know, I have no expectations of ever having enough milk to supply all of baby's needs. But, by god, something better happen! I was starting to feel like I'd done all this (and paid for all the medication) and it was just going to be a waste. Don't ya know, I looked down and there were some drops. Now, they were little, and there were only a couple, but THEY WERE THERE! Really, I 'bout cried from relief.

I'm going this evening to get some herbs that are also recommended - Fenugreek, as a couple of you also suggested, and Blessed Thistle. So, hopefully that will also help. Eating oatmeal at least a few times a week is recommendedas well. A lactation consultant friend also gave me a recipe for "lactation cookies", which, btw, sound really yummy, so I think I'll bake up a few dozen this weekend (if we don't already have a baby and I'm not too exhausted!).

Today's lesson - persistence - and pumping - are hard work, but pay off (hopefully!) in the end. And, your kid may not be as happy to see you after a weekend away as you are to see him. Probably because his Gram spoiled him rotten. And that, really, is a good thing :)

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