Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2nd full day home

I still don't think it's really hit me that we now have 2 sons. I'm not really sure why not though... We've had 2 nights of not much sleep. 3 days of the kid being a bit crazy, okay really crazy, whenever anyone else is around. 3 nights of others' providing dinner for us (thanks, all!!). 2 full days of cloth diapering (and one load of cloth diapering laundry). 3 days of numerous visitors sharing their excitement and love with us (and I can't tell you how much this in and of itself has touched me). 3 days of the kid being an awesome helper, being so gentle with baby E, and simply loving completely like only a little kid can. 3 days of the kid being super sensitive and in need of plenty of extra hugs and verbal encouragement. 2 days of nursing exclusively (no bottles or pacifiers - yay!). 1 days of toecurling, breath-stealing pain while nursing (I think we've now gotten this straightened out, thankfully!!!). 3 nights of prayers of thanksgiving, support, healing, and peace for R and the choice she made. 2 days of numerous text messages to/from R, giving her updates. 1 episode of General Hospital (then I remembered why I quit watching it, and even with Brenda back, it's just not worth it). Countless snuggles, kisses, and pictures.

Today's lesson - there is nothing sweeter, or more beautiful than the sight of your two children, snuggling and having their own conversation. What a blessing I have received.

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Amanda said...

You are doing great! 2 is twice the fun and way more than twice the work. It does get easier. A parenting educator told me "Infants have nature induced amnesia for the first year on purpose. When the shit hits the fan and they both explode at the same time, go to the older one. They might remember it and they probably need you more. The little one will be just fine waiting for a few more minutes. No one has ever died simply from crying." That was my mantra....still is.

I'm curious...are you going to share your impressions of R as she was going through all of the emotions of handing over her babe or is that her story to share? Maybe she could do a guest post....