Thursday, September 9, 2010

(Non) Update

For those of you wondering, we've not heard anything new today. I suspect it may be a few days before we do hear anything else, so they have time to talk with the birth father. I've thought of all kinds of questions I would like answered (has she had good prenatal care, is baby a boy or girl, where will she deliver, was there any substance use, etc...), but those questions seem unimportant until this stuff is worked out with the birth father. So, here I sit, accomplishing nothing, thinking, trying not to think, planning, trying not to plan, hoping, trying not to hope too much, laughing at poor hubby who is really freaking out, wanting to talk of nothing but this possibility, wanting not to talk about it. What a day.

Today's lesson - be careful what you ask for!


Sarah said...

I am so excited for you all! I so hope this is it (and I feel like it is!!) but even if it isn't, it sounds like your ball is rolling and you will soon have your new baby home!!


Amanda said...

in with the calm air out with the frantic.....time will tell....hang in there.....**i still am crossing everything**