Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's a ????!!!

We met with R today, and she is lovely. She's funny, thoughtful, a little sarcastic (which I love), beautiful, articulate, and tiny! Really, she only looks about 6 months pregnant, though she said she feels enormous, as most pregnant women do by week 39.5. And, she seems committed to us parenting her baby. At present, she expressed that she feels comfortable with me being in the delivery room, though I assured her that if she changes her mind I will not be offended in the least and she should just tell me to get out. She also seemed very supportive of the breastfeeding.

Speaking of the breastfeeding, we have real progress! And by that, I mean actual milk, not just a few drops. Now, it still isn't much, but, by god, I've got colostrum, which I didn't expect. So, as those of you who know about breastfeeding would expect, it's small in amount. It's flippin' awesome, though!

Today's lesson - even if everyone and their brother tells you you're going to have a girl, and even strangers have dreams about you with a baby girl, you should not just believe them. If everyone in your family only has boys, you should just go with the assumption that you, too, will have a boy. That way, when you see the ultrasound pictures and the baby has an "impressive, you know" (as hubby said) you won't be shocked. Yeah, with that picture, there's no doubt we're expecting a baby boy!

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