Sunday, September 26, 2010


Baby E was born last night at 9:12pm. He weighed 7lbs8oz and was 20in long - I'm in shock that he was that big. I have no idea where all of him was fitting!! R was amazing, only pushing through baout 4 contractions. He actually came completely out in 1 push! By the time we got around to trying to nurse (about 4 hours afterwards) he was completely out and was too interested in sleeping to even want to nurse. So, we'll try again all day today. We stayed at the hospital til about 3am, getting about 4hrs of sleep last night. I hope R got more than that, though I kind of doubt it since baby E was going back to her room after we left. She was amazing, y'all. More about all that later as I need to jump in the shower and get ready to head on back over to the hospital.

Today's lesson - you may already know this, but I was reminded of it again last night, childbirth is truly one of the most amazing things ever. All you mommas out there who have given birth have my sincere respect and awe.


Anonymous said...

I am SUPER SUPER excited for you and your family!!!!! I hope and pray things continue to go well! I can't wait to hear more. Congrats!!!!!!!

Myra said...

congrats guys!!!! I'm so stinkin happy for you I could bust! I just KNEW it when I didn't see you at Mass this morning!!!! YEAH!! Thanks for the update!! :) Can't wait to hear his name and pics!!!!

Sarah said...

YAY!!! Congrats Mama!