Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today, here's where we are...

Yesterday I did talk with the social worker. She was working a charity event on Monday - I'd hoped she taken a personal day to do something fun for herself. Alas, like the rest of us, she was working. She said she'd spoke with the birthmom, herein referred to as R., who said she knew where birthdad is (I don't know his name). So, the good news is, we now know how to find him. She was going to try to get an appointment set up with him in the next day or so. So, more waiting. Grrr.

I also asked her a couple of questions and got the answers I expected. What happens if R. goes into labor before the social worker is able to talk with him? - they'd have a couple of days, while she was in the hospital, to continue to attempt contact. However, if they still were unable to do so before she and the baby were due to be released, the baby would probably go into a temporary foster home. Again, what we expected, but kind of sucks. Our other question was what would happen if she does talk to him and he just refuses to agree to the adoption plan. L. said that she will present him with the 2 options, neither of which is the possibility that he will parent this baby; either we will or R. will.

**NEWS FLASH** Just as I was typing that last sentence, L called. She said they have an appointment set up with him tomorrow afternoon. 1pm. She assured me she'll call me after she talks with him. In some ways, this is good. I know we're not going to know anything until at least (I'm going with) 3pm tomorrow. On the other hand, we now have to wait an additional 24hrs to even potentially know anything. Because, if he won't agree to it tomorrow, she'll go back and talk with him the next day as well, to see if he's changed his mind. And he can refuse, and that means this won't happen. It means that R. will parent this baby.

So, continued prayers for all of us involved in this - R., birthdad, L., hubby and me, the kid, the baby - would be very much appreciated. Stay tuned til tomorrow afternoon to see what we find out...

Today's lesson was going to be (thanks to my momma) that you never know how you'll help someone, but my mind isn't able to fit that in right now. So, it's a repeat from the last one - sometimes all you can still do is wait. And, yes, the waiting still SUCKS!

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