Sunday, September 12, 2010

Funny Things the Kid Says

I thought I'd share some funny things my kid has said lately (mostly because I need a distraction - can't imagine there's any chance I'll sleep tonight or be productive tomorrow. I'm planning to call the social worker if I haven't heard from her tomorrow afternoon. Here's hoping I, heck hubby too, can make it til then!! Also, thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers. I know they've made the biggest difference. We've spent the weekend cleaning the whole house and getting the nursery mostly ready, just in case.)

"Momma, did you know I'm super funky? Well, I am. I don't know why. God just made me that way. Super funky. Yup, that's me alright."

(Coming out of his room from his nap) "Snap, snap. Snap, snap. That's what I said. Snap, snap. Snap, snap, people."

"Just call me snap-snap-zoom-zoom. 'Cause I'm cool like that. Zoom-zoom-zoomy-zoom-zoom. I'm speedy people."

"I have a toe claw like a [some kind of dinosaur whose name I can't remember]. It's the smartest dinosaur ever and I'm smarter than Jonah [the dog], so it's the same thing."

This one requires some additional prestory. One of the things I did this weekend was get the breastpump ready since I'll hopefully be needing it soon. I had all the parts and pieces out, cleaning them, making sure I didn't need to get any replacement pieces. The kid was asking a lot of questions about what it was and how it was used. I sat everything in the nursery and walked out to get something, thinking he was right behind me. When I returned to the room, the kid had his shirt pulled up with the breastpump attached in the correct places. I said, "whacha doin', bug?". He said, "I'm just sittin' around here". "What for, bug?" "Well, Momma, I'm just sittin' and waitin' for my momma milk to come in. I figure it'll be here soon since I got this thing workin' and all."

That kid just cracks me up.

Today's lesson is that sometimes when you explain things to a 4yo, you should probably include seemingly obvious details. Like breastmilk only comes out of mommas. Not 4yos. Not even if they have the breastpump hooked up in the right way.

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