Friday, September 17, 2010

Telling the Kid

Hubby and decided that we needed to tell the kid last night about "our baby". You know, he's been asking for over a year "when is our baby going to get here?" so I thought it would be easy to tell him. But all of the sudden hubby and I both got nervous. And then I really started to think about about it's really going to mean for him, to no longer be an only child, to no longer be the complete center of our attention. This is going to be huge for him. And he has no idea.

So, I started off with, "Poppa and I have something important to talk with you about". He continues eating dinner, barely paying any attention to us. "Bug, our baby is finally come. He or she will be here sometime next week." The kid throws his arms up in the air and yells "WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" for about 15 seconds. He then quickly said, "Can I have some dessert now?". Yeah, he's a kid, what can I say.

This morning when I took him into school, he immediately, to my surprise, said to his teacher "today my baby comes home!!!!", with a few fist pumps in the air to punctuate his excitement. She was confused, understandably, so I explained that sometime next week our baby will come home. He was glowing and jumping around with excitement. He told her how he'll get to "pat my baby to sleep and make her laugh and give her lots of love". I think he's going to be just fine. Actually, I think he's going to be the best big brother this baby could ask for. We're all so blessed.

Today's lesson - no matter what exciting thing is going on in my house, the prospect of dessert will likely take precedence.

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