Monday, April 30, 2012

Word Clouds

Today is the final day of HAWMC. For today’s post we’re putting your words into an image, a word cloud or tree representing YOUR health focus, interest, or passions. Write down some of your favorite topics off the top of your head or review the tags in your blog post for some surprises. For some examples on layout check out

I love this prompt. It's a great way to start to reflect about the last month of constant blogging. And I made two word clouds over at Wordle. And then spent about 45 minutes (that I don't have today) trying to figure out how to save the stupid things and post them here. And now I've given up and am just telling you about them. They were cool. And if someone wants to give me quick, easy directions on how to post them, I will. Otherwise, you'll just have to take my word, friends.

Today's lesson: A 3 day weekend should be more than enough time to hike, do laundry, put said laundry away, make dinner for a friend, deliver said dinner, make two (TWO!!!) milk pickups for baby E, do all the dishes, clean up the kitchen, makes up the beds, go to church, relax, sleep at least 7hrs/night, read a few chapters in the 4th Ha.rry Pot.ter book, AND make and download a word cloud. Apparently not so much.


Elizabeth said...

You go to Print, then choose .PDF instead of the printer. Then, you can save it. I'm going to use it on my blog!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, never mind! I can't figure out how to upload a .pdf to blogger. So, I didn't figure it out either!