Tuesday, May 1, 2012


April flew by. I can hardly believe it is over. I have declared May to be "Momma month" at my house. Between Mothers' Day next weekend and my birthday at the end of the month, it seems appropriate. Not that anyone else necessarily has jumped on board with this. But I'll keep thinking it in my own head at least.

So, I'm supposed to reflect today on HAWMC. Overall, I'm glad I did it. I feel like I wrote some good posts this month (as well as some mediocre ones, lol). I think my favorite prompt was the one where we wrote a memory in 3rd person. That's one I think I'll use again in the future.

I also really (really!) like the prompt to write a post in 6 sentences. Not that I loved the post I actually wrote so much, just that I think sometimes the reason I don't blog something, is I feel like I have to come up with this long thing. But, I think that prompt seems to have given me permission to do some posts that are just short, sweet, and simple. I'm pretty sure after some of the super long things I've written lately, you'll appreciate short, too.

I'm also a bit blogged-out for the moment, so don't expect me to everyday blog again any time soon.

Today's lesson: Boys like to eat mud. You can tell them (over and over) that it's gross and they're going to get sick, and yet they're still going to eat mud. Let. It. Go. And then wash out their mouths. Again.


Alex said...

Nice work completing that challenge - I'm very impressed!

Happy Momma Month!!!

Elizabeth said...

I am so impressed! And a little mud never hurt anyone- ha!

M said...

Congrats on finishing! I enjoyed reading your posts.