Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dream Day

Today's HAWMC prompt is to write about your dream day.

I could get all kumbayah-social work-y on you, and say that really my perfect day would be one where no one is abused or neglected. Everyone has enough to eat. Wars are ceased. Mental illness is overcome. All that jazz. And that's true. Of course. But it seemed too obvious.

So here are my selfish thoughts.

As I've thought about this, I've realized I can't really think of one specific dream day. Or rather, I can think of several different scenarios that would fit that description for me. And it all depends on the day, really. And how well my kids have been sleeping lately, lol.

One involves me, alone, in comfy pjs reading a book (or 4) all day, chilling on the couch and napping as needed. Another is a family day where everyone gets to nap (at the same time - this part is important!!!!), everyone is in a great mood, and it doesn't really matter what we're doing. Another is us all camping when the weather is just perfect, blue skies, low 80's, and again, everyone is well rested and happy. Another is me, at a spa (haircut, pedi, massage, mimosas in hand - ahhhhh) with my girlfriends, carefree, having fun and laughing hysterically all day long.

I'm a simple girl. I think, really, it all comes down to sleep for me. If me, hubby, and both boys are well rested and not cranky for any other reason, I am a happy girl. As long as I'm also fed. This is also important.

Today's lesson: Feed the momma. Let her sleep. All is well.


M said...

Those all sound like great days to me!

~Maria said...

Haha...I love your last line. It fits me to a tee as well. :D

AS said...

Oh, to sleep. My dream day might be entirely devoted to sleep.