Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blog Tagline

Today's HAWMC prompt is to create a tagline for your blog.

Now, while hubby is quite good at coming up with taglines, me? Not so much. So, what did I do? Well, I relied on helpful old I found a couple of random tagline generators. You enter your word(s) into the box and it comes up with taglines for you. Here are some of the ones I got. Not exactly what I was looking for...
  • Infertility, free for everyone. Hahahaha. I mean, sure anyone can get IF, and it's free to get, but getting rid of it, per say, not so free.
  • is not enough. Uh, actually, I'd say probably one is more than enough. Thanks.
  • Infertility, couldn't ask for more! Um, actually, I'm pretty sure I could...
  • I see infertility in your future. Well, now, that one just would have been helpful about, oh 10 years ago.
  • Problem? The solution: Infertility No, no. It's the other way around. IF is the problem. But, wait, what's the solution??
  • Infertility takes it to the next level. The next level of crazy... Why yes, yes it does.
  • Infertility: It's guaranteed. Guaranteed to make you feel crazy and vulnerable and want to poke other people's eyes out sometimes. Oh wait. Maybe that was just me?
  • Infertility is crazy good. No, just crazy. And not good crazy.
  • Infertility. When it has to get done. Um, that's kind of what sex was like sometimes. You know, just something that has to get done. Good times, good times, y'all.
  • Infertility? The high life. Being high might have made it more tolerable...
  • Infertility, can't be beat. That sure is how it feels some days.
  • Infertility opens the flood gates. Oh hell yes it does. The crazy tear flood gates. Geesh...
  • People like infertility. Um, actually, I'm pretty darn sure they don't. Like, at all.
  • The science of infertility. Now that would be helpful to know, wouldn't it?!
  • Get infertility before your friend does. Oh, I sure did. How lucky for me!
  • Award winning infertility. And what award would that be? The least functioning girly parts? How awesome.
  • Infertility, fun for the whole family. Oh, but wait. See the problem with IF is that it makes that whole "family" part pretty difficult to achieve. And it's not really fun, at all.
  • Infertility will get you more girls. But it won't get you more boys either. That's kind of the problem...
  • My infertility. Yup it is. Do you want it? 'Cause lord knows I don't.
And, my absolute favorite/the winner:
  • Infertility is all jacked up. Why yes, yes it is. Thank you for noticing.

Today's lesson: My 6yo is "sprouting hair all over my body. And when I lick it, it stands up. I mean the hair on my arms. That's the only place I can lick, of course". Of course it is.


Emms said...

I am laughing at these. I think only an infertile can find the humor there! And crack me up about the kid!

E. Phantzi said...

Best blog post I've read all day :-)

Elizabeth said...

AH! Hilarious! Thanks for sharing! These cracked me up. :) Like "Award winning infertility." hahaha! Wouldn't that be a depressing contest?! :/ Thanks for sharing all of these with us. I giggled. :)

Alex said...

It's all jacked up - yep!

mrkhmusings said...

some of those cracked me up! I have given you a blog award! come check it out on my blog. :)