Monday, April 16, 2012

Ants. And HANDS.

I'm supposed to be waging war against the nasty, filthy, disgusting, creepy, persistent little ants that have infested my kitchen right now. Instead I am here, writing you a post to tell you that I'm busy with the ants and so won't be writing a HAWMC post today. That's also because I didn't like the prompt - to create a Pinterest board about my health issue. Seeing as how I have written about 5 (or 32) different health issues already this month, that seemed like it would be more complicated than I wanted to delve into.

I have decided that I'd provide you with a link today, one that has nothing to do with my health issue(s). However, it is about the program I used to work for and still love. HANDS is a home visitation program for first-time parents. It's an awesome resource (even if it does tend to be really, um, not crunchy at all). AND (!!) there's an article about it in TIME magazine today. Which is freaking awesome. It's nice for this state, which is so often at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to children, to be recognized for doing something right. (EDITED: Um, I forgot to add the link. Blonde moment. Stupid ants. Here it is TIME article about HANDS).

The damn ants are taunting me. And carrying off my sweet potatoes.

Today's Lesson: Every parent can benefit from a resource like HANDS and preventative programs are how we're going to really make a difference in kids' and families' lives. Also, ants like vanilla.  And peanut butter. And compost. And honey. But not uncooked pasta.

P.S. How the hell do I get rid of these damn ants????!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

White vinegar will kill the scent tracks ants leave behind. We usually put out baits for a few days, let them bring it back to the nest, and then douse everything in vinegar for another 3-4 days.

Stupid ants!!