Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Super Momma!!!

You may not know this, but Superheros reign in my house. This is not only because I have two boys, though they - both! - do love the Superheros. Hubby, however, is the instigator of the Superhero love in our house. MIL used to tell me how hubby would insist that a kitchen towel be clothespinned to his shirt and jump off all manner of furniture. How he never broke anything is beyond me.

If you couldn't guess (or if you don't know him IRL), his favorite was - and is - Superman. I think he loves that Superman is a real "good guy" in addition to his fabulous superpowers. I mean, seriously, he has a laundry list of them. Heaven forbid someone tries to debate hubby about who is the "better" Superhero. I mean, really, if you vote for someone else, you kind of lose some credibility in hubby's eyes (Sorry, J, but it's true!).

All this Superhero love in my house means that superheros and their superpowers are a rather frequent topic of conversation. The other day I asked the kid what his superpower would be. He responded initially with a "duh" accompanied by an eye roll. When asked for clarification, he explained that of course he would be able to fly. And help people. And be super strong. And have "heat-o-vision, 'cause it's just super cool. You know, so I can make fires when we go camping". Obviously.

So then I asked him what baby E's superpowers would be. First he laughed and laughed. Apparently, it hadn't occurred to him that his baby brother could have superpowers, too. So, he gave it some thought and decided Baby E would be super fast. And, since he already has dancing skills, that would be his superpower, too. Couldn't really get out of him what good that would do.

What about Poppa? Well, Poppa would also be really strong. And also have "the heat-o-vision".

And Momma? Well, Momma's superpower would be, well.. it would be... well... Apparently it is even more difficult to know what Momma's superpower would be. Eventually, he decided that Momma would be able to help lots and lots of people make good choices and take them to the hospital. "Actually, what your superpower will be is to be a supernurse. No, wait! Actually, it will be to be a super social worker. 'Cause we all know that's even better than a nurse". (Um, sorry to all you nurses out there!) Also, she would talk less. You know, because she wouldn't need to talk much. At least not at home.


Today's lesson: Be careful what you ask for... Also, Social workers are Super already, even without superpowers. At least according to my Super smart boy.

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Peg said...

Beyond cute. Super Social Worker sounds way more powerful than Super Nurse...the kid is hilarious :)