Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Today's HAWMC's prompt is to open a book, point to a sentence/phrase and use that to start writing. Seeing as I love to read, this seems like it would be an easy one for me. However, I've become a Kin.dle addict...and I can't find an actual book. One that's an adult book at least. Although I suppose I could use one of the kid books around. Heaven knows there are hundreds (quite literally) of those. Also, the Kin.dle is charging and I can't figure out how to read on it while it's charging.

Someone asked me the other day to recommend a book (Hi, Astrid - this is for you!). And I've been thinking about my response to her. Honestly, I love to read. And I read quickly. So, I only read long books. If a book is less than 150pgs, I don't even consider it, because I'll be done with it in a couple of hours and just feel irritated.

Also, I mostly read easy, light books. I love me some classics, too, but for the most part, when I choose a book to read, I pick something that I can get through. I want something that will allow me to zone-out. I deal with enough drama and human suffering at work. In my books, I want some place where I can escape and enjoy.

So, here are a few of the books I've been reading lately:
  • The Anne of Green Gables series (these were a childhood favorite and I return to them every once in awhile.)
  • The Hunger Games (loved this series! Read them all twice. May read them again. Don't judge.)
  • The Harry Potter books (I know, somehow I've not read them until now. But, as soon as they were released on Kin.dle a couple weeks ago, I jumped on board. I'm almost done with the 2nd one now.)
  • Mary Poppins (the kid and I are reading this one together. He's been promised a Momma date to watch it - including popcorn, pretty please, Momma dearest!! - once we finish.)
  • Any fiction about the British royals, circa 1400-1700. (Seriously fascinating. To me at least.)
  • The Help (This meets my criteria because it was funny and it seemed like one of those books I couldn't NOT read.)
For the most part, if it's long, looks light, easy, or funny, I'll probably at least try it. And free. Did I mention free? I'm all about the free Kind.le books. And there are a lot of them, which makes my little book lovin' heart utterly happy. It also makes hubby's (occasionally) cheapass heart happy, too :)

I know that's seriously vague, but it's the truth of my "book" collection. It makes me feel a little bit fluffy and not at all intellectual. But it is what it is.

Today's lesson: Books are magical. They allow us to explore, escape, learn. I can only hope to instill in my children a love of reading. I know it is certainly a gift my mother gave to me.


Alex said...

I love your list of books! I'm the same way - I always need to have a few books going in my Kindle (or app on my phone...) and I love the light kind of books, the ones that allow me to escape my life for awhile. I used to LOVE Anne of Green Gables - forgot about those! And I definitely want to read the Hunger Games. No judging here!

Astrid said...

It doesn't how hard I try to like the intellectual books, I am hooked on young adult books. The books I loved to read as a young and old teen, and still love to read now. Harry Potter and the Hunger Games are awesome, I mayhave to read the Hunger Games again. Right now I'm reading Lauren Oliver books. Pretty good, too!