Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Conversation in the Woods

My HAWMC prompt today is "What's the best conversation you've had this week?". This was an easy one for me. A brief conversation, but memorable.

We're walking through the woods. Our first hike of the season. I'm carrying baby E on my back in the Boba carrier. We're in the rear. 25 extra lbs is a lot to carry up a ridge. Baby E is just about to nod off. He's been quiet and observant since I strapped him on. The kid is running out in front. Always anxious to be first in line.Chattering away as he tends to do.  Hubby is in the middle of us. Keeping track of the kid. Making sure I don't lag too far behind. Offering encouragement to both of us.

"Momma, look at this snail! They're everywhere, momma!" He shows me the 5th snail he's picked up. He's enamoured with each one.

"Momma, look at this beautiful flower! I think it's a wild iris!" He's right. It is both beautiful and a wild iris.

I remind him that we don't pick flowers when we're hiking. He nods his head in agreement. And I see him drop something from 1 of his hands. A flash of purple.  He runs on ahead again, intentionally not looking back at me.

We walk in silence for a few minutes. The only sounds I hear are baby E softly snoring and the crunch of our feet on last fall's leaves.


 "Yes, baby?"

 "This is life. And it is a good and beautiful life."

Hubby looks back at me. Smiles. Shakes his head that this child is so smart. That this child is ours. I smile back.

"Yes, baby. Yes, it is."

Today's lesson: If your child has a better sense of direction than you do, you should just believe him when he tells you which direction to go on the trail. He's probably right. And you, who can't find your way out of a paper bag, are probably wrong. Listen to the 6yo.



That is so sweet!


The kid is so wise, as most children are at that age. Why is it that we lose that simple, inspired knowledge as we grow older? I love this conversation, thank you for sharing!


Whoa....that kid is BRILLIANT!

mommy someday

Great post! :-)


Children are so wise. We are all born with genius levels of imaginative thought. Your child is ingenious. Thanks for sharing.

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so very sweet! He really OS such a good kid :) and of course you should listen to him! Kids seem to be able to find their way out of anywhere, its amazing to me.

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Beautiful and wise is he. Thank you for sharing.