Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lessons from the Road

Here's what I've learned from our road trip, thus far at least (oh, you didn't know we were on a road trip? Well, it's more of a vacation that started  - and will end - with a 9 hour drive. We're at the beach and I'll hopefully be able to upload some pics while we're here):
  • Doritos have red dye in them.  Red dye 40. This I learned, of course, about 2 hours into our 4 hour drive, and after the kid had already consumed about 10 of them. It became apparent about 3.5 minutes after they hit his mouth. Interestingly, though, as soon as we said they had the dye in them, he threw the rest of the chips on his plate back in the bag and asked for something different.
  • It is actually possible to watch a UK basketball game with no sound. It's not as good that way. And it's really hard to make no sound yourself when things aren't going well with said game. If you ever find yourself in a hotel room with 2 sleeping kiddos, and your team is in a final 4 game this could be super useful information for you.
  • In the car, 1 kid will take a great nap, or the other will. Apparently they both can't nap at the same time. It's some kind of sibling agreement thing.
  • About the whole having a DVD player in the car thing, I was totally and completely wrong. It is awesome. Like the most awesomest thing ever. And we will be purchasing one long before the camping season starts. Like, maybe next weekend.
  • A jump rope can be many different things. And can entertain a 5 year old little boy for at least (checking her watch) 35 minutes and counting.
  • There really are Piggly Wiggly grocery stores. Who knew?!

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