Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Push-ups, Yoga, or Crawling?

Not sure which of the 3 baby E's working on. It sure looks like the first two, though I of course suspect the third. Ya know, he started rolling from his belly to his back when he was just 3 and 1/2 months old. 3 months later he still hasn't learned to roll from his back to his belly. But he sure is working on this crawling thing.

And then it will be over. I will have two mobile, busy boys. I have visions of them heading in different directions, me not knowing who to chase after first. Of course, I'll have to go after the baby since I can verbally redirect the kid. But still. Life is about to get busier. Arguably more difficult. Certainly more mobile.

Just when things are getting a bit easier, because baby E will let us put him down for several minutes at a time, playing contentedly. He's working on sitting and is almost to the point where we can sit him on the floor and leave him there without fearing he'll fall right over. He's almost to that point where he has moments of being self-contained.

Today's lesson - Just when you think you've got some bit of a handle on this parenting thing, kids go and change. You must adapt. Or you kids will be heading off in different directions and  you'll have no idea who to chase first.

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