Friday, April 8, 2011

(Non) Beach: Day 3, the Kid edition

The kid here today. Seems like all my little brudder did today was sleep, the little slacker, so I had to take over for him. You will see below how I have transformed our living room into my throne. It seems appropriate because I am "the living room king". Also like it when baby E is laying here with me.

First we went to the Children's Museum because, according to Momma and Poppa, it was supposed to be a yucky morning. However, by the time we got there it was a beautiful day.

I really liked the art room and the pirate ship  (ARGH, maties) room but for some reason those pictures came out all fuzzy. And, really, the water play room was my favorite. It. was. so. cool. like for real. Mostly I liked this room because I really love getting wet.

And then I had the biggest cupcake ever! (Momma says thanks to Ton for suggesting the place, which was aptly named "Cupcake") My cupcake was double chocolate with lemon frosting. And I ate it too fast for Poppa to get a pretty picture of it. It was really tasty and I liked getting messy.

Then we went to a plantation. Now, don't get me wrong, the place was pretty cool, but aren't plantations like big white houses, or something? This one didn't look like that at all (there's a pic of the house at the end). It was pretty fun though. Sadly, teenage girls were in short supply so I had to amuse myself in other ways. Like pretending to be a chipmunk.

And learning the secret of the magic pot (aka "old timey watering can"). Actually, it was not a magic pot, in case you were wondering.

And milking an actual cow. Her name was Annabelle. And I got to milk her while momma was milking baby E. I'm faster than her. But I sprayed some of the milk on my shoes. I don't think that's where it's supposed to go. I also learned that you always have to milk her from the side because she could kick you. And that would not be good, friends.

The gardens around were neat and there were lots of azaleas blooming everywhere (like thousands and thousands of them). I didn't like the bees, though.

Here's the house. See what I'm sayin' about how it looks? Momma said it looks like it belongs in the Netherlands more than on a plantation. I don't know what she's talking about. But that's nothing new...

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