Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hotel, baby E edition

Highlights from my first stay at a hotel. I was very impressed with said hotel, as were the 'rents. We'll def stay at a Hampton Inn again.

I am so very thrilled to be out of that car! And if you don't watch closely, I will nearly scoot myself off the edge of this bed and fall on the floor. Only closely. Fortunately this won't actually happen. But only because my 5 year old awesomely awesome brother will come to my rescue because for some reason my parents won't be paying the least bit of attention. Sometimes they're kind of irresponsible, ya know.

Then, I get to sleep with momma all night, and my aforementioned awesomely awesome older brother gets to sleep with poppa. Momma gets the better end of this deal, since I actually sleep all night, with the exception of a short snack. My brother talks and tosses all night.

Hey, 'rents, we're ready to go here! While I do enjoy being naked, you should totally put some clothes on me so we can get the heck outta dodge and get to the beach already! It's so not cool to ride in the car naked, after all. I hear, from my awesomely awesome older brother, that the beach is THE place to be for Spring Break. Bring it, peeps. I even promise to take a really long nap in the car for ya.


Mona said...

Haha! Awesome post E! Great pics too :) Tell the 'rents we said "Hi!" and to have a blast!

Becky said...

He has mad writing skills ;) you guys have fun on your trip, too!!