Thursday, March 31, 2011


I love these two pictures of my boys. I love the proud, mischievous look on the kid's face in the first picture. I love the sweet smile in the second that shows how completely he loves his baby brother. I love the look on baby E's face in the first picture that seems to question my decision to allow the kid to hold him. And the gentle smile in the second one, happy to be in his brother's arms, knowing his brother will always protect him. I love how the kid's nose is all scrunched up in the first picture and his hands are clasped around baby E's belly. I love how one of his dimples are showing in the second picture, like they do whenever he is showing a genuinely happy smile. I love the drool spot on baby E's shirt (in both pics), because that drool is such a part of baby E, like, all the time right now. I love his crazy, "George Jefferson/Crusty the Clown" hair and how his eyes sparkle.

These boys... my life would be so boring, so quiet, so incomplete without them. I am so grateful that they are my sons.

Today's lesson - Adoption is hard, for all involved. Please say a prayer today for a friend of mine- a birthmother chose her and her husband several months ago, and then, when the baby was born this week, she changed her mind (they were at the hospital, all ready to meet their daughter, when she told them to leave). Obviously the best case scenario is for this birthmom to make the decision she feels is best for her and the baby (whatever that decision may be). My heart is breaking for my friends, who have been thinking for several months that this was their daughter, who have a room all ready, quit a job to stay home with this baby, in their hearts she was already their daughter. I grieve for them, the loss of this child. Pray also for this birthmom, that she is able to be a wonderful mom to this baby, that she has the support she needs. Pray for peace for all of them. Adoption is hard.

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