Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beach: Day 5, baby E edition

Baby E here again, documenting our last day of vacation. Can I just say, while none of us wants to go home, sleeping in my own bed would be nice. Hahahahaha!!! Who am I kidding?! I never sleep in my own bed so what difference does it make. Yeah, I'm a funny boy. I'll sleep, or rather won't sleep, anywhere ya put me. I did take a nice nap on the beach today though. It was refreshing.

This is what me and momma did while my brother played in the ocean with some new friends and Poppa took a little run. He wasn't gone very long because he said he realized he was missing all the fun. Momma said that was cute of him.

Ah, my awesomely awesome brother. He's a funny dude. He totally stuck his face down to look at the ocean floor and then this huge wave came up, smacking him in the face. Me and momma laughed hard at that one (but only, of course, because he surfaced giggling and tried to recreate it).

Poppa really likes making things in the sand. Today he did momma's foot in a flipflop, because that's all she wears all summer, and a crab. The two are completely unrelated, of course. Though the scale of the two is interesting... Something to ponder another day.

"Wait, what?!!!!!!! You are finally going to let me get in the ocean???!!!! Bring it on, woman!"

"Okay, here we go. Yeah, momma, just my toes to start, okay? Okay...What the...??!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DO hate the ocean. That stupid thing is freezing cold. Why in the heck would you put me in there??!! Get me out NOW!!!!!"

Momma said you can't see it in this pic, but I have actual tears because of that stupidly cold ocean. Yeah, it was cold. But, whatev' I'm allowed to cry because I am a baby and all. And, dude, seriously, it was flippin' cold. And, I don't get why everybody was laughing when I was so distraught. That was totally rude of them.

At least my brother loves me!

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