Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby E's first food

We, or I rather, broke the seal, so to speak. Baby E has had his first food. Was it avocado, or banana, or carrot, or apple (as I'd planned)? No. Was it yogurt, or rice cereal, or potatoes (which would also be okay)? Nope. Was it well documented with the camera as I'd planned? Hardly. It was - in an epic momma fail - an animal cracker, in the car. Yes, that's right. Was it at least organic, or gluten-free, or low in sugar? Not so much. It was a run-of-the-mill animal cracker from the dollar spot at Target. The car was at least not moving. Yeah. Yay me and my good intentions.

So, here's what happened. We'd been in the car for 4.25 hours. We finally arrived at the resort. We were sitting in the car waiting for hubby to check in and baby E started screaming. I'd finally had enough of the car noise (the kid on red dye + baby E screaming = 1 momma with her head about to explode). So I tried the paci, not interested. The 3 easily accessible toys, not interested. So I grabbed the first thing I thought animal cracker. Then I stuck it in his mouth. At first he continued screaming. Then this bewildered look came across this face. Then he started chomping on it in earnest and making these funny groaning/contented noises. All of that before it hit me what I'd done. I tried to take it back, but he screamed, so I promptly shoved it back in his mouth.

As soon as he was done he started screaming again, but by then hubby had returned and we were headed to park, so he promptly calmed down. He was just sick of being in the car, which I totally got, as I, too, was more than sick of the car. So much for good intentions. Next time, however, we will start with one of those above mentioned foods and let him go at it. Sitting at the table. And there will be at least one camera trained on him. It will be epic. Or at least not lame-o.

Today's lesson - extended car rides, red dye, a momma with a headache, and a screaming baby will lead you to do things you wouldn't normally do. And that's okay.


JE Melton said...

J finds this to be a pro for revisionist history... :) Glad he liked his first Animal Cracker!!

erin fifield said...

It was not a french fry!

Becky said...

JE - tell J I agree ;)

Erin - very good point. As long as it wasn't a fry, I am still a good momma!