Saturday, April 9, 2011

(Semi) Beach Day 4: baby E edition

Baby E here again.  Our day started at the beach for an early walk. We were hoping to locate some sand dollars (and by we I mean my awesome brother wanted some and I'm happy to go anywhere he goes). Sand dollars were hiding, but we did find lots of starfish (which the kid and Poppa threw back into the ocean, of course).

My brother also found lots of jelly fish. They kinda freaked momma out. We figure the storm this morning brought them up on shore.

My brother is the best at posing  for pictures. One day I aspire to his level of awesomeness.

Then we went on a boat trip around the harbour. I'd post some of the pictures here, but I was asleep when Poppa took them so I don't know what they are. And Momma doesn't remember, so there ya go.

This is what my brother did while we were cruisin' around. Thus, he is of no assistance in labeling those pics either.

Then we took a horse drawn carriage ride. This is what I did.

Apparently we saw all these cool houses. But none of us knows what the deal is with them. Our driver was a little weird and was much more interested in telling us about the mules who were pulling us ('cause it was actually a mule-drawn carriage ride), than any of the actual info or history of the city.

Momma did catch that this row of houses is called "Rainbow Row". Yeah, that's about it.

Then we had dinner. It was good, but nothin' special (though I may have had another bite of real food. Momma said she'll go over that with ya another day). Aren't us boys cute, though?

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