Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beach: Day 2, baby E edition

Our 2nd day at the beach was really warm, so the 'rents decided it would be spent at the beach. While I wasn't overly impressed with the place the previous evening, I vowed to give it a second chance. First, however, my brother had to make contact with the workers down below our condo. He was quite friendly, they didn't really respond, though, for some reason. Silly men. Don't they know he is awesomely awesome?!

See what I mean about being awesomely awesome?! He's also quite fashionable.

Here's me and momma. This was about the time her... "milkers", as my brother calls them, started getting fried. I, by the way, am still uncertain about this beach thing.

And, no, she wouldn't let me actually on the sand. What the heck, Momma? How am I supposed to know if I like it (aka how it tastes) if you won't let me even touch it??!!!

Fine, if you won't let me eat the sand, I'll nurse. (See, she's already getting red). Momma told me to tell you that this was a big moment for her, nursing me on the beach. Idk why, but whatev', she was all happy about it and I was happy to oblige her.

Momma went all crazy over how cute I was in this hat. I don't care what it looks like as long as it keeps that sun off of me. I must admit, I am so not a fan of that sun. It's bright and makes me all squinty. Ugh. Take me back inside in the shade, pretty please.

Funny how little my big brother looks all the way out there. He sure did have a ball on the beach, even though I don't get it at all. He made a couple of friends and had a good ole time with the sand (sure momma let him play in the sand!). He went in the water some but apparently it was like really cold. That's what I interpreted from my brother's chattering teeth (speaking of teeth, when am I gonna get some of those already?). Anywho, he wore himself out and took a marathon nap. Momma and Poppa were sure excited about that, I'll tell ya.

And it may have worn me out, too. Or maybe I was just hiding again from that stinking sun.

Til next time...

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