Monday, April 11, 2011

Beach: Final Day, baby E edition

Baby E here, for my last installment of our vacay adventures. On our last night, we went to dinner at some restaurant that Poppa picked. One of the reasons he apparently wanted to come to Charleston is because there's good food here. Not that I'd know that, but whatev'. I was all excited when they put me in the highchair. I thought "Finally! They're going to give me some for real food". But no. They were just pretty much teasing me. Well, maybe I got a couple of tastes, but Momma said she'd cover that with ya another day. At any rate, aren't I jaunty in my cute hat?

My awesome brother has gotten into coloring lately and he is supremely superb at it, as he is at like everything. I adore him. And his coloring.

The 'rents got yummy food and all I got (more or less) was this freakin' plate.

Us boys are cute, ain't we?

Here's Poppa's meal. He was a fan. It was shrimp and somethin'. He said he really wanted good seafood, and this, it seems, fit the bill.

Since momma doesn't "do" seafood, she had fried chicken. She said it was good, she guesses. It wasn't anything spectacular. The sweet potatoes, on the other hand, were delish'. I may have some inside knowledge about that.

So, this is me, baby E, signing off. Momma said to thank you for indulging me this week. She was just too relaxed to deal with blogging. I may be more interesting that her anyway. I'm sure she'll slack off and I'll have to take over for her soon enough. Momma returns tomorrow, with some final lessons from the road...

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JE Melton said...

LOVE that little hat!! I've enjoyed Baby E's tales from the road, too!