Tuesday, April 2, 2013

HAWMC: Day 2

Today's prompt is "Introductions". I am instructed to introduce my "condition" to other bloggers or share links of some of my old posts that will help the "newly diagnosed". Um, so I don't exactly have one specific condition I'm focusing on here. So, here's what I decided to do. I'm going to give you a few links that cover some of the health issues I discuss here, particularly some of those that seem to bring people here most often.

  1. Inducing Lactation - I get lots of questions about how I induced lactation. Here's the post that explains it. 
  2. Red Dye-Free Antibiotics - we realized early on that red dye40 (just 40, Red 5 is fine for some reason) and the kid don't mix well together.  And, both personally and professionally, I've realized the huge impact it can have on a child's behavior. Now, though I've never seen/paid attention to adults, I'd suspect it can affect them as well (well, those who are sensitive to it, surely everyone doesn't outgrow that).
  3. Donor Breast Milk - Unless you're new around here, you're well aware that baby E has been fed with donor breast milk since he was about 3 months old. Here's the first post I did "coming out" about using donor milk, and explaining our reasons for making that choice. I'm still so thankful to the milk mommies who still give this special gift to baby E.
  4. Infertility - Seems like I ought to include a post about IF. I mean, there are so many to choose from, how do I choose just one? Randomly, that's how that happened. So feel free to read this one, or any of the others.
And, that's all I've got for today. Happy Tuesday, friends. More tomorrow.

Today's Lesson: In order to find these posts, I found myself reading over the last few years since I started this blog. It's interesting to see what's changed. And what hasn't. Sometimes we all need reminders of where we've been, to be able to more fully acknowledge where we now are.


Maria Rothenburger said...

This is so fabulous! I will be sharing your donor breast milk info with clients who are concerned about this very issue.

Elizabeth said...

Your donor BM post was fabulous- I think more people should know this is an option!

I find it very interesting to go back through my old posts as well. But for some reason, for me, they are really hard to read.