Thursday, April 4, 2013

HAWMC: Day 4, Resources

Today's Prompt is to "share resources". Thus, today, you get a (very) short list of my recommendations for places to start if you have questions about infertility.
  • RESOLVE - Aka "The National Infertility Association" is a great resource for information (factual), research, formal support avenues, and advocacy ideas.
  • The Stirrup Queen -Mel, the owner of the blog, has this amazing list of blogs written by people (mostly women) who are experiencing/have experienced IF. Seriously, there are hundreds of them, ranging in focus from specific disorders that have led to IF, to specific IF treatments, from those in the IF trenches, to those who have moved past treatments, from those who are parenting, to those who have chosen to live their lives child-free. Really, there's a blog there (or 20) for everyone.
  • This Blog post - because I just happened to come across it this week. And I love it.
Yup, that's my list. I get that it's short. But, each of the first two sites have huge lists of resources and support. I'd love to know your favorite IF resources, so, do share!

Today's Lesson: We should all celebrate the small victories in our lives. For instance, let's say your tantruming toddler is flailing about while you're trying to take his naked self to get his pajamas on, but all he wants to do is "COLOR COLOR NOW!!!!", causing a heavy stool to fall over and possibly fracture your big toe. So, when that happens, and you not only don't yell, but don't even cuss at all, that is a victory to be celebrated.

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Em said...

Love that Steve Wiens post. Thanks for sharing!