Monday, April 8, 2013

HAWMC: Day 8, Spring

I thought I'd pre-written a post for today. Apparently not so much. We were out of town the last several days a mini-Spring Break trip - me, hubby, the boys, and my mama to one of our awesome state parks. The weather finally turned spring-like, which meant lots of time outside and sunshine both of which did wonders for my mood.

Today's prompt is something like "if your condition were an animal, what would it be?". While we were in the woods, baby E kept talking about seeing an "orange baby bear". And though I can assure you we saw no baby bears of any color, we did see lots of chipmunks. Have I ever told you how absolutely terrified the kid was of chipmunks when he was 2-3yrs? That kid never seems to be scared of anything, so the fact that he would run screeching in terror to an adult (any adult) whenever he'd see one makes it even the funnier.

At any rate, I got nothin' for this prompt. So, instead, you get some cute pics I stole from my mama of our trip. You're welcome.
Our first hike of the season. I gotta tell you, either I am even more out of shape than I realized or baby E is getting heavy and is going to have to start using his own legs to hike. Possibly both.

Brother love. I mean, really, is there anything cuter than the adoration in E's face here?

Who can resist an awesome climbing tree?! Not my boys for sure.

Last year, at this very same pool, E screamed when I even got near the pool This year, we couldn't keep him out of it. What a difference a year makes. Also, perhaps it maybe time for a haircut... (but anyone who tells my husband I said that will be banned!!!!)
The boys doing "the Sprinkler" dance. I have no idea who taught the kid this one, but he, in turn, taught baby E. It cracks me up to see them do it!

Relaxing. That's what the (majority of) the trip was. Just what we all needed!
Today's Lesson: When on vacation, if you want to sleep, you should get separate bedrooms for each of the children. Assuming that one can sleep in the room with you, particularly when that one is a crappy sleeper, well, it's just not a recipe for you to get any sleep. Excuse me while I go take a nap.


Maria Rothenburger said...

Seriously? I think I may just keel over from the cuteness. And really, now I wanna climb trees! LOL

Em said...

Oh my goodness...what sweet, adorable boys you have! Looks like you had a great trip. How fun.