Friday, April 5, 2013

HAWMC - Day 5, Aspiration

Today's prompt is to write what my one, three, or five year plan is for my health activism. Now, I gotta say, this one made me laugh in an "oh, isn't that ironic" kind of way. You see, there was a time in my life (and, if I'm honest here, the majority of my life thus far) when I knew exactly where I was going. I had a plan, or, to be more accurate, lots of plans. There was no doubt that all those plans would come to fruition just like I, well, planned them to. Which is kinda funny considering how all that turned out and all.

Life stepped in and showed me how little control I have over it all. Infertility showed up. And sucked. Jobs didn't work out like I'd hoped. Kids (blessedly) came along, but changed me in ways I didn't expect.

All of that has taught me (among other things), that though it's good to have plans and goals, it's also necessary to be flexible about them. My life is much smoother and I'm much happier when I don't clench those goals so tightly. Because, sometimes, better things than what I can imagine are attainable. But only if I take my eyes off my plan long enough to see them.

So, what are my goals (related to health activism)? Hell, I don't really know. I have this nebulous idea that someday I'd love to be a parenting educator/home visitor for (as my friend JE says) yuppies. This would involve lots of breastfeeding support and advocacy. Lots of education about child abuse and neglect (to hopefully prevent it!). Lots of recognizing and treating of pre and postnatal mental health issues. Lots of loving on new babies and parents. With lots of advocacy for new parents and babies woven throughout. Those are things I'm good at.

That would all involve getting the highest level of professional licensure available. And, ugh, that's kind of a PITA to do. I can't do it in my current job and, really, the thought of finding another job (this is # 5 since I graduated from undergrad 13yrs ago), well, it just about sends me over the edge.

So, until I figure out a more specific plan on how to get there, I'm keeping my eyes open for the everyday opportunities to advocate for my kids, for others' kids, and for parents. Because that's what I love to do.

Today's Lesson: There is freedom in sometimes admitting that you don't have to have a plan for everything. There is freedom in sometimes recognizing that it is okay to just ride the waves for awhile without knowing exactly where you're going. There is freedom in sometimes letting the plans make themselves known to you, instead of the other way around. There is freedom in sometimes sitting and waiting. There are some lessons I wish I'd learned years ago.

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Em said...

That sounds like a REALLY cool goal. Who knows? Maybe it will happen someday! I'm sure you'd be great at it.