Wednesday, April 10, 2013

HAWMC: Day 10, Wordless Wednesday

Today's prompt is to post a favorite picture of myself. This is one I love. The pic was taken at our local World Breastfeeding Challenge in 2010 when baby E was just a few days old. I think this may have been my first solo outing with him. It was the first time (and one of only a handful still) where I nursed my baby while other mama's nursed theirs. I was the only one who had to use the SNS. But it was okay. Because there was nothing in the world I'd wanted more than to have this baby and to breastfeed him. And we were doing it.
And we're still doing it.
Today's Lesson: I hate that plastic contraption. Yet I love it, too. Without it, well, nursing simply wouldn't have happened for me and my boys. While at times I label the SNS a "necessary evil", it really is much more than that. I wish I didn't need it. But I do. And so, for that, I am eternally grateful for its existence.


Elizabeth said...

Your lesson is exactly how I feel about G's feeding tube. Wonderful picture!

Peg said...

lovely pic!

Alex said...