Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blogging in Bullets

  • Apparently I fell off the HAWMC (and blogging in general) wagon. Not sure how that happened. It did. Oh well. Moving on.
  • This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. I'd planned to write and post something. Did not happen. Also moving on.
  • April is also Child Abuse Prevention Month. And I'd planned to post some stuff about that. Also didn't happen. Also moving on.
  • I'm going to the zoo today with the kid's class. I'm riding the bus (2hrs there, 2 hrs back). I may go crazy. Check on me this evening. Bring and/or send alcohol.
  • I think it's just plain mean that the infertile girl gets raging period cramps AND seriously painful ovulation pains. WTF, universe.
  • We had to buy new carseats for baby E (1 for each car). That was expensive. The old ones expired (who the hell knew they did that?!) and he'd gotten too tall for mine, and the one in hubby's car was sooooooo gross.
  • Hubby's car is sooooo gross in general.
  • Apparently kids are supposed to rear-face in carseats until the weight limit on that seat (minimally to age 2, and preferably til closer to age 4). That means baby E has been turned back around rear-facing. He likes it. Hubby, not so much.
  • I had a super crabby day Monday. I went to the bank -by myself -, which is literally 2 blocks from my house. I was gone for an hour. When I finally returned, no one seemed to have noticed. Not sure how I feel about that. But my mood was much improved. Ice cream helps with that, you know. And sitting in the car in the park where it's quiet by. my.self.
  • Baby E keeps saying "call me maybe" and shrugging his shoulders when someone asks him a question. It's hilarious.
  • The kid is in a super sneaky stage. I have absolutely no idea how to address it. But lying and being sneaky are behaviors for which I have seriously low tolerance. Help. Please.
  • We've got a vacay to Hilton Head scheduled for July. So excited about this.
  • We can only go if my work doesn't eff me over and not give me the time off. Which seems like a likely possibility. This is related to the previously mentioned crappy mood.
  • I think it may be time for baby E to get a haircut. That makes me want to cry.
  • I think the kid may be sensitive to other food dyes (yellow 6 and/or blue 2) resulting in the same reactions he has with the red 40. ((deep sigh))
  • A 1st grade teacher (who has been teaching for 30+ years) should know that a 1st grader is a horrible conduit for successfully communicated messages between said teacher and the parents of said 1st grader.

Today's Lesson: Sometimes we all fall off the wagon. Then we pick ourselves up and try it again. Also, don't entrust a 1st grader with time-sensitive messages. Unless it's about a "surprise". Then they won't be able to keep that shit to themselves.


Maria Rothenburger said...

Hahaha! Hilarious! Trusting a 1st grader with important info? Absolutely not....but you're right, even my 2 year old knows "surprise." :)

"Fall down 7 times, get up 8." ~Japanese Proverb

Peg said...

2 hours on a school bus...good lord and good luck.

The trust a 1st grader line cracked me up to no end. We could insert 7th grader with ADHD for the 1st grader and get the same result :)

Call me maybe...also huge smile. Your guys sound so cute.

Alex said...

Good for you for picking yourself up and not looking back! Good luck with the sneakiness with the kid. No advice here... And trusting him to relay a message? Ha! Hang in there!!!

Elizabeth said...

I might have a glass of alcohol for you tonight! Good luck with that bus trip- Oy. And that is going to be my motto for this whole month- moving on!

Emms said...

I just finished a glass of wine, just for you. Wish I had advice on the sneakiness... Let us know.

Anonymous said...

First Grade, sneakiness, and lying unfortunately all go hand in hand.

It is a weird age. :)

Thrift Store Mama said...

Beezus went through a sneaky phase when she was around 5 3/4. It was really hard for me.

I finally figured out she was testing her boundaries - I let her get away with a couple things that weren't harmful and called her on a couple.

I *think* in her case it was part of her developing independence - she needed to know that she could do something completely on her own and Mr. Quimby and I wouldn't know about it.

Hope nobody threw up on the bus ride.