Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Unexpected Sayings of Parenthood

Today, I need a bit of a break from HAWMC. So, instead, some humor.

Things I never could have imagined I'd say to my children:

Baby E, please stop snorting lime juice.

You have to finish watching that cartoon before I will read to you.

You can't eat just asparagus for dinner.

If you eat the head of one more bunny, I will throw all the bunnies into the garbage.

Give me all your money. Every single bit of it.

No one wants to see butt cheeks at the dinner table, E.

Today's Lesson: Parenting provides daily lessons. We sometimes don't know what they are, of course, but they're there...


Elizabeth said...

Hehe... These make me laugh so much! And I'm sure there's a great story behind all of them! How good that your kids (or at least one of them I guess) loves asparagus! :)

Thrift Store Mama said...

Ah yes, my sweet little girls often need reminders about showing private parts at dinner too.

Emms said...

All I can do here is laugh. This is great!!!

callmemama said...

Love it :)