Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Caffeine is my new Friend

Some days, I have little to say, or at least can't organize my thoughts enough to be able to say anything coherent, which is pretty much why I went a week without blogging. Other days, though, I have a ton to say. Some of it is relevant, some of it not so much. Today is one of those days where I have a lot to say, or at least a desire to say a lot, but nothing really important to say.

This *may* be because I had a big ole cup of coffee this morning and so am on a caffeine high. Now, caffeine is new to me. Not that I've never had it before, though it certainly wasn't something we had a lot of growing up. Mostly, though, caffeine was something that never affected me before. Chocolate is a whole different beast, because, really, me on chocolate is either funny or irritating, depending on your mood. But caffeine never did anything for me - pop, tea, coffee, none of it helped me wake up or feel more energized. For some reason, the last few months, my body has all of the sudden decided that not only will it respond as every one else's does to caffeine, it will love, I mean LOVE!!!!!! it. I used to never get the whole Starbucks thing. Now it might be one of my favorite products.

This new found love of caffeine is great, since it's helping me deal with the ongoing sleep-deficit (thank you, baby E). Now, I'm sure it's probably not the healthiest thing, but neither is walking around in a sleep-deprived, slightly comatose state. Also, it's kind of expensive, my new love of Starbucks. But, I love it so much, I'm totally willing to give up other things for it.

Today's lesson - it's interesting how after 30-something years, your body can all of the sudden decide to do a complete 180 on you. Also, so interesting how much more I can get done with a Venti Carmel Machiatto in me. Laundry and bill paying and organizing during the week??!! Thank you, Starbucks. You are completely worth the 5 bucks.

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Coffeemike said...

How long have you known me?

Seriously, though, let's talk about what you like. Starbucks is great in a pinch, but you're right, it can be an expensive habit. There are easy ways to get better results at home for less. I've tried them all. :) Holler at me sometime.

Oh, and a Venti caramel macchiato? I don't know if you're feeling the caffeine or the sugar rush....