Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do-Over Days

Sometimes I think we should all have a limited number of "do-over days". You know, a day where we get to just rewind and start all over.When we can start the day back in bed, before things just went bad, got ugly, just didn't go like we wanted. Now, I'm not talking about those horrible days that no one should have to have (like when someone dies, or there's a horrible accident). I'm just talking about those days when your baby doesn't sleep well, and you - and your spouse! - wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Those days when the day starts with hearing your spouse yell at your kid, hearing your kid cry because his Poppa scared him. Those days when you tell your spouse to quit acting like a jerk before the clock even says 6am. Those days when your kid won't listen, because his day has been started off on the wrong foot (you know, from being yelled at, and then seeing his parents squabble). Those days when you end up yelling at your kid to get his freaking shoes on because you've already asked him 4 times and you don't have time to impose the deserved time out (for him and for yourself). Those days when your kid loses his privileges of TV, blocks, and bedtime books, all before the clock hits 7am. Those days when the baby is fussy (because he's tired also from not sleeping well the night before which is probably related to the cold he has), and you just want him to stop and eat, because you don't have time for all the fussing. Those days when you're ready to drop the kids off at their respective child care providers, but then feel instantly guilty because you've been rather crappy to them that morning. Those days when you sit in your office with the lights off, hoping that no one will notice you're in there, even though you are and are therefore working (you know, to justify getting the paycheck). Those days when you actually have to leave the office to do home visits and of course that's the day it starts thunder storming, even though you love thunder storms, but only when you get to stay home. Those days when all you want is to close your eyes and be magically transported back to your warm cozy bed for an extra 3 hours of sleep and then get to wake up and it's miraculously 6am and you get to start over, fresh.

You know...those days. Yeah, just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one.

Today's lesson - In preparation for those days you should have an umbrella in your desk drawer and not wear flip flops to work. Because, if you fail to follow both of these rules, it will inevitably thunder storm. And you'll be drenched with rain and because your office decided to turn on the AC, you'll freeze. And, because  do-over days don't really exist, it'll suck. At least you get a do-over tomorrow...right?

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