Saturday, March 19, 2011

Adoption Finalization Update

We received a letter in the mail this week from our attorney that let us know that the petition to finalize the adoption has been filed in circuit court. So, we're back to more waiting. Right now, specifically, we're waiting for a guardian ad litum (an attorney, and I don't think I spelled that right) to be appointed for baby E. That person will likely do a home visit with us and ask a bunch more questions of a personal nature. S/he will then write (yet another) report indicating whether or not s/he believes we're suitable parents for baby E. Then, after that's filed, we (well, our attorney) will finally be able to request a court date. Geesh, this seems to be taking forever. Realistically, though, it will probably be finalized before the kid's was (when he was about 10 months old). 1 of the social workers emailed me the other day and said the judge wants to use the same guardian for the finalization. So, she just got that to our attorney, who will now get it to the judge. Sooo, hopefully things will get a'movin' finally.

Here's a cute picture, because my kids are the cutest and smartest ever. I freely admit that I may be biased about that. Really though, baby E is almost sitting - yay! And the kid has decided that writing and reading are super awesome activities. All of the sudden, my baby's reading (little tear...). Wow.

Today's lesson - Patience is a virtue. I'm working on it.

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Lisa Steele said...

Its always good to have another reader on the camping trips. Yea, Baby E!!