Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Tuesdays are long days for me. This one will be even longer, thanks to baby E waking up at 4:30 (at least he was a super happy, chatty little creature, after I fed him of course - that made the ridiculously early hour a little easier to stomach). On Tuesdays I am taking a graduate level child assessment class (see, just the name of that made your eyes glaze over, didn't it?). I decided to take the class while I was still working at the university because they pay for up to 2 classes a semester and it seemed silly not to take advantage of that while I was there. The first 2 classes/semesters were easy. They weren't super new, exciting information, but there were a few nuggets scattered throughout them.

This class, though, has sucked. I'm not a fan of the class in general. I think it's more suited to someone coming right out of undergrad, with no experience. And I realize that makes me sounds like I think I'm a smarty pants (which is maybe sometimes true), but that's not really the case with this. I've just been doing this for the last 10-11 years, so me and "the basics" are good. Also, the class lasts til 9:30pm so I don't get to see my family at all. Though I did see them for a couple of hours this morning - thank you baby E.  It also means I have to pump 3 times during the day, which I kinda of hate doing, especially since it's been rather fruitless of late (see yesterday's post).

Wow. I've been super whiny today. And yesterday. Geez. I'll stop now. I promise - something more interesting tomorrow! I'm going to talk about Baby Led Weaning - why we're not going to give baby E any baby food, but will instead start right with "real" food.

Today's lesson - You know your kid is funny when all he has to do is look at your baby, and the baby lets out the most adorable peals of laughter. No words are necessary or adequate for how endearing it is to see the love between two brothers.

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JE Melton said...

"No words are necessary or adequate for how endearing it is to see the love between two brothers."

Love this. And your boys.

Sorry to hear about your class; I used to hate night classes that dragged, and it sounds like this one does! :(