Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why I blog about health issues

Today's NHBPM prompt is to write about why I blog about health. So, I wrote a similar post back in April. And if I was feeling super lazy, I'd just copy and paste that one here. Or, even better, direct you to that post. I'm not gonna lie, I considered that. But it seemed really lame, especially considering that this is the 1st day of the month and all.

Thus - today at least - I'm choosing not to be quite that lazy. Instead I'm going to give you a list of the reasons why I continue to blog about breastfeeding my toddler, and adoptive breastfeeding in particular.
  • I didn't know it was possible to nurse a non-biological child until someone told me (outside of wet nursing, of course). I hope that I, too, can shine a light for someone. Or at least be an encouraging resource.
  • Breastfeeding has a limitless # of benefits for mamas and babies. And, I think, even more so for the mama-baby dyad formed through adoption. I like sharing those benefits with others!
  • Unless we talk about breastfeeding in general - and breastfeeding toddlers - breastfeeding will never resume being the societal norm.
  • If we are embarrassed, or just not willing to open ourselves up to possible uninformed criticism by others, we don't provide the support and knowledge that other mamas need.
  • Um, why not?

Today's Lesson: Sometimes, while a particular blog post may not be profound, we should all just be grateful that it does not focus on vomit. Be grateful for the little things, people.


fullbed said...

I love that you blog about this (and about all sorts of other things). I feel like I've learned a lot from you.

Elizabeth said...

Yes! If I hadn't found your blog just months before getting our sweet baby boy, I never would have known about donated breastmilk! So, we sure are grateful you write about it! :-)

Lechelle said...

You are amazing and I adore you. Nuff said.