Friday, November 2, 2012

Some of My Favorite Blogs

Today's NHBPM prompt is to write about the weirdest thing about my health. But I couldn't really think of anything. So I decided to do one of the alternate prompts, which is about my favorite blogs. So, what you're getting today is a random, quick list of a few of my favorite blogs. Hope you'll take a minute to peruse enjoy them as much as I do!

  • Family Rocks: The Life of Peg - Peg is amazingly brave, honest and thoughtful in her writing. I so appreciate her willingness to share her life via blogland.
  • The Bloggess - She is hilarious. I mean, make me cry, tears running down my face, laughing so hard my face hurts kind of funny.
  • So This is Love... - Jen is a fellow social worker. She is so insightful. Also, I love how intentional she is in her writing. I think that's how she is in her life, and it translates to her posts.
There it is. I'd love to know what some of your favorite blogs are? Really, please share!

Today's Lesson: When I write everyday, I have less to say in each individual post. Also, blogging about health everyday is hard. And even though today's only the 2nd day of the month, this is actually the 5th post I've written just today for this month. So I get to be a little done with the topic for today.


Jenn and Casey said...

The Bloggess and I on the same list?!?! You are too kind!!! And the reason you love my writing is the exact reason I love yours!! Thank you!!!

Peg said...

Thanks Becky! I am very humbled by this. It's blogs like yours that inspired and encouraged me to write.

You totally rock!!