Wednesday, October 31, 2012

National Health Blog Post Month

This past April, I participated in The Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge. I blogged every. single. day. And I really enjoyed it. There were some great prompts that pushed me to write in a way I wasn't used to. And some prompts that challenged me to discuss new things, or process them in a different way. When I received an invitation to participate in National Health Blog Post Month, I decided to give it a try.

So, that's what you have to look forward to (or dread, one of the two) for the month of November. A post every day (fingers crossed!) and often focusing on health issues. Many of the participants have one specific health issue they are passionate about. But you know me well enough to know that I can't focus on one thing for like an entire hour, much less a whole month. So, as usual, I'll hop between topics, with healthy doses of breastfeeding, infertility, childhood development/parenting issues, and adoption thrown in there. Also some completely random crap. 'Cause that's how I roll.

If you're interested in participating in NHBPM yourself, here's where you can go for more information.

Hope you'll visit and enjoy!

Today's Lesson: "That's how I roll" is apparently super out of date slang now. According to my 6yo. And I'm pretty sure he's cooler and more up-to-date on what's cool than I am. I'm just not sure when that happened.

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Alex said...

Yay! I love your posts - why wouldn't I like one every day???