Tuesday, October 30, 2012

And then, this happened.

Another short post. Because, well, that's just what I have today.

So, remember how yesterday I was all "the plague was fine and no one else vomited and we're all fine. No worries!". Dude, I mean really. It hadn't been 3 hours since I posted that when baby E vomited again! I'm pretty sure it's Murphy's Law. Or karma. Or some miserable crap like that. Honestly, there had been no vomit at all since that solo incident last week. But this one was just as prolific. I avoided it this time. But the carpet didn't. So we now have two, yes two, vomit-smelling places in our living room. Sigh.

Jessica, I'm trying out your vomit-smell-reducing recipe tomorrow. Will report on its effectiveness. Please, please let it work. Because, seriously, my house smelling like vomit does little to encourage the new sitter to agree to stay for the next month! (more on her another day. Because today, clearly, I should only discuss vomit. Because 2 posts in a row about it are obviously not enough.)

Today's Lesson: Don't tempt fate and say stupid things like "oh, that plague wasn't too bad" or "we're all fine and no one else got sick!" or"there wasn't that much vomit!". Because the plague and sicky gods will show you who's really boss. In a gooey, stinky way. Ugh.

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