Sunday, November 4, 2012

What's in a Bag?

Today's NHBPM prompt is to write about what's in my bag/purse every day. Love this prompt!

It's funny the things that sometimes signify a change in our lives. Before my boys, I carried as small a purse a possible. I needed my wallet (credit card, a bit of cash, and driver's license, that's it), my cell phone, ad.vil, keys, and chapstck. That's about it. Anything else I'd need - i.e. kleenex, hand sanitizer (I was doing home visits), my calendar, writing utensils, etc... - I kept in my car, at home, or in my office.

If you look at my purse now, though, well, it's a whole different story.

First of all, it's huge. As in, I could fit 4 of my old purses in it. Not that there's room for them, though, because of all the other crap, uh, necessities. Stuff that apparently is necessary and vital. Junk I can't live without. My shoulder protests, I tell ya. And yet, I still have it all.

Here's what in there now:
  • My wallet is still in there. But now it's full of all kinds of crap (insurance cards, baby pictures, pennies for the mechanical pony @ the grocery). 
  • Hand sanitizer because, seriously, you never know when you're gonna need that with 2 boys who like to touch any and everything. 
  • An assortment of little toys. Dinos, cars, board books. They're all in there, ready to be pulled out whenever the need arises for them to be quiet or keep their hands still.
  • Kleenex, because there are always noses running, or fingers with boogers on them.
  • Snacks - those are also effective at keeping them momentarily quiet and in one place.
  • Now, instead of a couple of ad.vil, there is a big bottle. Because I seem to get headaches more often.
  • The last few dom.peridone because for some reason even though I stopped taking it more than 9mon ago, I can't seem to get rid of those last few pills.
  • Paper and crayons because, again, it's all about keeping the kids busy. Also - total honesty - my memory is waaaaay worse than it used to be. So I need to be able to write myself notes. Now, if only there was a way to not lose those in the depths of the purse...
  • Wet wipes are also a necessity. The boys get sticky hands all. the. time. And I don't know from where. It probably has something to do with that whole, touching everything thing.
  • Garbage. Yes, there is garbage in my purse now. Snack wrappers, broken bits of unusable crayon, possibly used tissues (what?! They might just be crumpled up! You don't know!), etc...
  • I don't know what the heck else. Honestly, I don't. Because, you see, it's so big! It's like the grand canyon. Or Alaska. You just don't know what lurking, or hiding in the recesses.
I think I'll go clean out my purse now. But tell me, what's in your purse?

Today's Lesson: It's so interesting  to see and make note of the unexpected things that reflect the changes that happen in our lives.

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Motleymommy said...

hahaahahahahahah. I have a HUGE purse now. and I "think" Im more organized, but I think that purse is really a black hole, cause Im sure there is tissue in there but yesterday at the store, Z had a runny nose and I had nada. So i used my fingers and wiped them on his pants. I shudder just typing that.

There are check books that I dont use, a wallet, Pic wallets for each boy but since Z I havent updated them often - the pics are just tucked in, I have a bag of lady things - that I dont need anymore since Mi.rena, Hmmmmnot sure what else....but its heavy.....I should clean it out.