Monday, November 5, 2012

Faster than a Speeding Bumblebee

Today's NHBPM prompt is to get on your Health Activist Soapbox. But, well, I have too many of those. And frankly am on them often enough. So, instead, you get pics of my cute kids. Really, you're winning here.
I realize most people posted their Halloween pictures a few days ago. But I already had posts set for those days and - somehow - forgot that Halloween should be in there somewhere. Plus, I figure you saw so many cute kids in costumes that mine would be overlooked. This way they're the only ones you'll see. Thus allowing you to more fully appreciate their adorableness. Or something.
Anyway, presenting my bumblebee and Superman. 
Baby E's got a lot of stripes goin' on. The socks at least were covered up with the shoes on. Also, he has no idea what a bee says. But he's freaking cute all the same.
Remind me to tell you one of these days about how the kid was *almost* creepy Superman. Which would have been funny as hell right now. But not so much when he's 13.
This was about it for pics of the kid. He zoomed around, fast as Superman all night, collecting candy. This made pictures hard to get, you know, when you're faster than a speeding bullet and all.

E held tight to my hand all night. He was not at all sure about this whole going up to strangers' houses and talking to them gig. (Smart boy) However, when he saw this blow up pumpkin in a yard, he got really excited! He walked up to it cautiously, and then ran away, laughing hysterically. I've no idea what was so funny about it. But his running made me laugh.
And then, there was a Halloween rainbow. What, don't you get those every year? Yeah, well, neither do we. Which is why it had to be documented.

Home again. With a sucker. His first, well as far as I know. He was in heaven. Until it dropped on the bathroom floor and we threw it away. Then he was one pissed off bumble bee.
Today's Lesson: If your mom is with you, and she always has her camera, this motivates you even less to ever worry about downloading your own photos. So, it's not that you're taking advantage of her photography skills, it's that she's enabling you to continue slacking. I'm sure all that is true and not BS. Pretty sure at least.


Elizabeth said...

Ah!! Your boys are the cutest!! Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures! (And I agree with you that its better to wait when we can truly enjoy their Halloween cuteness and they're not being added to the rest of the pile of everyone else's.) :-)

Addison Cooper said...

What great Halloween pictures! I bet your bumblebee was imagining a game of tag with the ghost on top of the pumpkin :)

Emms said...

Oh my goodness they are so freaking adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love both of them in costume, but that bumblebee is just ado-rable!

Peg said...

Such cuties!!

Elizabeth said...

Adorable! I've really been enjoying (and learning from) your posts this month. I've just been a slacker and haven't gotten on the actual computer much lately to comment. But definitely am reading!