Sunday, July 22, 2012

E's 2nd birthday Planning

My dear friend JE, you know, the one who has created all these fabulous cakes for my boys (well, this was just one of them)? She recently reminded me that it's time to start thinking about planning E's 2nd birthday. First, I need to take a moment to digest that. I mean, really? My baby will be 2 in two months! How can this be???!!!! (lament, gnash teeth, wail, whine, lament some more)

Okay, onward. So, I found this ah-mazing site. Well, let me rephrase. JE sent me a link to this ah-mazing site with like hundreds (or more) birthday party themes. I mean, this site is crazy awesome. If a bit overwhelming. I've browsed through tons of themes.

And I think I've decided on Brown Bear, Brown Bear. The reason is it's baby E's favorite book right now. The only thing that's keeping me from deciding for sure is that last year we did the Hungry Caterpillar. And, you know, they're both Eric Carle books. I wouldn't want to be redundant or anything.

E does like "dine-uh-doors" but I'm not loving any of the ideas for dino-themed birthdays I'm finding. The kid loved all things tractor and farm related at that age, but baby E's not so interested. Mostly he lives climbing, and getting in to everything. But I think we're not quite ready for a gymnastics place party for him. He also loves cleaning, but I'm not thinking I can come up with a theme that any of the other kids would go for, lol.

So, I'm asking, what are some birthday themes you've done, seen, loved for your kids? Now, I need boys or gender-neutral ones here. Because, just like with clothes, it seems like birthday party themes are easier to come by for girls than boys. At least the cute ones any way.

Today's Lesson: In a house of boys, it only stands to reason that some of your toddler's first sentences would be "Toot, me", "Nonah ou-side poop", and "Momma peepee".


Lechelle said...

The only birthday parties I've done are the hungry caterpillar and a painting party. For the painting party I decorated everything in rainbow colors and the kids painted on canvases that they took home, best deal is using a store coupon on a value pack, I think I ended up paying $14 for 8 12x12 canvases. There's lots of ideas out there for rainbow parties, so that made it easy. I think this year for Gray's first birthday (next month!) I'm going to do a hot air balloon theme. I've got ideas in my head for picture moments of him sitting in a basket with balloons tied to the top, making decorations of balloons with little mini baskets at the bottom and hanging them from the ceiling. My other option I may do is a Little Engine That Could theme, so it's train but not the standard train. I'd do decorations that involve the train but also everything that was on the train, the clown, dolls, giraffe, elephant, bear, and everything else.

Good luck! Have you checked out Pinterst?

Elizabeth said...

Aww, G's favorite book is Brown Bear too! I think that's an adorable party theme!

AS said...

I so admire anyone who can pull off a party. I'm so intimidated by it that we may just let Mira's first birthday come and go with the three of us.

Kristin said...

Last year we did a pirate scavenger hunt for my step-daughter that was a hit with both the boys and the girls! We also did a carnival theme one year that everyone loved! As I have said before I LOVE planning parties! I think I may have missed my calling!

Ren said...

Wow - that party website is crazy and wonderful.

Jenn and Casey said...

I say do a cleaning party!! I mean, how about "lick the chocolate pudding off the table"... "wet sponge fight"...the ideas are endless ;)

Astrid said...

Hi! Thank you for the comment! Life has been busy lately. I have two part time jobs and am getting my teaching certificate in special ed and science. Trying to get a job for the fall. How are things with you?