Friday, July 13, 2012


This morning when I walked in to baby E's room, he was crying a bit. I don't think he was ready to wake up, but the kid's noise made it happen anyway (that and his diaper leaking - which only happens when we don't use the wool covers). As soon as he saw me, he stopped crying, cocked his head to the side, fluttered his lashes sweetly, and said (with words and signs) "milp-mease" ("milk please"). I assured him he would get some milp-mease once we were both dressed, which seemed to satisfy him.

Fast forward about 20minutes to both of us being dressed and ready for the day. I was in the kitchen, getting the breastmilk thawed. Baby E was at my feet, clinging to my leg, repeating "milp-mease" over and over. Finally we were all ready and I sat down to nurse. He climbed in to my lap, grinning and yelled, "MILP-MEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeshhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!". Then he nursed, with enthusiasm.

He popped off a few times to tell me one thing or another ("the kid, outside" or "Nonah [Jonah, the dog] s[l]eeping"). And then he popped off again. He sat up and said "all done". Then he looked at my breast, then at me, then back at my breast and said "bye bye, milp-mease. Me all done" and pulled my shirt down. I laughed and laughed. Then he grinned his impish little grin and took off running. Though he did stop a couple of times, grin and say again, "bye bye milp-mease".

Today's Lesson: It is so fun to see your kids' personalities really start to erupt. My kids are funny. And I so appreciate that about them.


Elizabeth said...

What a sweet, sweet story. Little ones are the best!

Venessa said...

How adorable is he! I love watching their personalities develop! It is so fun to watch them explore and learn!

Alex said...

Oh my goodness, this is so sweet! He's just the cutest thing ever!

E. Phantzi said...

I love nursing a toddler! What a sweet story, i can totally picture the happiness.

My 2yo calls nursing/breasts "Gak-Gak" which is his approximation of the Albanian word (xhoks). Not too long ago I was prompting him to say "I love you Mama," while I was putting him to bed. He got this mischievous smile on and said "I love you Gak-Gak!" Cracked me up.

M said...

Aww, how cute!

JustHeather said...

What a sweet story. I'm looking forward to using baby sign language with our little one. Do you have any suggestions about how to go about it? Or is it just a start from the beginning and keep at it (consistently)?