Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today's visit with birthdad

All that worry and angst for nothin'. Birthdad canceled visit today. He said he had to go out of town,out of the state actually, for some mysterious reason. He wanted to reschedule for next week, but I'm starting my new job next week, so that won't work. I have a feeling that this whole relationship with him is just going to be unpredictable and...strange...Okay, so it is what it is. And now hubby and I get to have a dinner out, just us, well and baby E. The kid is still going to have his Gram date. All is good.

Today's lesson - there really is little point in worrying incessantly about something. It could all change and you will have wasted that energy for nothing, and it'll be time you'll never get back.


Myra said...

have been thinking and praying for you guys about this meeting...I guess it will work out as it is suppose to...good luck!

Wani said...

I love your last statement about worry. Its so true! I know I have wasted many hours and much energy worrying about things that ended up being nothing like I imagined they would be. Its a hard habit to break!

Lechelle said...

So true. Our situations are different but our relationship with B's birth father is unpredictable too, it can be nerve wracking.

I put up the rainbow cupcake tutorial, just for you!