Friday, February 18, 2011

Follow-Up re: Sick baby

So here's something funny. Baby E not only doesn't have an ear infection (thus, all that worry about antibiotics and whatnot for absolutely no reason - ha!), the pediatrician could find nothing wrong with him. No fever, ears looked "beautifully perfect", lungs were completely clear, etc... - healthy little dude. Sure, that should be good news, buuuuuttt, wellllll, he's still not himself so I am still worried (just not about the antibiotics, lol). He's still not sleeping for crap, just isn't his happy giggly self (though that has improved tonight), is rather snotty, and is still having a hard time nursing.

For now, I'm going to just keep close watch on baby E. Hopefully it's just a little cold that will be gone soon enough. And, for the love of pete, hopefully he'll start to sleep better soon!!!!!!!!!

Today's lesson - sometimes we can all be the overprotective/overly cautious parent. Also, all of the time, you should listen to your momma gut. If it tells you something wrong, listen to it.


Lechelle said...

First - YAY for nothing serious!

Second - It sounds like he is teething. Have you checked his gums? Feel around up there, they could be making their way down tho even if you don't feel it. If he's teething you could at least do something, like orajel or tylenol.

Becky said...

That was my 2nd thought, after an ear infection. But, gums don't look swollen at all, and pediatrician also didn't think that was it. I'm still not convinced - like you, I think they might be movin' around in there even though they may not make their appearance for a few months. Tylenol didn't seem to have made any difference (that we could tell). Haven't tried orajel yet, will do that! thanks :)

k said...
Look at their Baltic amber necklaces and look them up on FB for more info. The first night my daughter wore her necklace, she slept 11 hrs straight and has ever since. Crazy but a lot of people say the same thing. She also had 6 teeth come in at once and you never would have known by her attitude. Good luck!

(I found your website on the EoF page. Yay for milksharing!)