Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hodgepodge of stuff and funny things the kid's been saying lately

(NOTE: This was written last night, I'll let ya know when we move on to today)
Idk what was going on with baby E, but he seems mostly fine now. He's rather snotty, but is otherwise back to his smiley, babbling, sweet little self. And he slept 7 hours last night, with me only having to insert the paci 1x. That's pure awesomeness right there, people.

Here's are some funny things my kid has said recently, just for your laughing pleasure.
  • We were on a walk, well he was riding his bike and hubby and I were walking. He was going really slow. I kept asking him to catch up. He said, "Here I come. I'm faster than the average slowpoke, peeps. I sure am. Watch out already. The zoom is comin' though".
  • He's been walking around, pointing out all the things he can do now that he's 5 "don'tcha know". Then he decided to point out that "five year olds don't actually have to do some things. You know, because I'm five. That means I'm even cooler than before".
  • "Hey momma-woman. How you doin'?" (a la Joey from Friends) - where'd he pick that up?
  • Yesterday the kid went to a birthday party at the local children's museum. Upon return, I asked him how it was. He grinned real big and said, "there were super pretty teenager girls there, momma. And a horse. And I got candy. Yeah, it was greatness".
(Here's today)
Last night, baby E was up again every 2 hours. What the heck, baby. Sigh...he's a sleeping tease, that one is. Also, I took him to get his 4mon shots (well, the ones we've decided to get) this morning. He was a bit pitiful, but it was better than last time. I hated leaving him at the sitter's but I just don't have any leave time at my new job yet, and the whole "this is a super flexible job" thing doesn't seem to have kicked in yet (suck). Hopefully he'll be okay...??? Good thing we have the best sitter ever.

Today's lesson - Did you know that 4+1 = 5? Apparently this is something only 5 year olds know. I've been told you are only capable of this kind of complicated addition when you're 5, before or after that it's "too much for your brain to comprehend". A 5 year old told me that, and since they know "like everything", it must be true. 5 year olds are funny little beings.

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