Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Kid is 5!

Today is my baby's birthday. Today at 9:12am.

Today I remember a phone call that abruptly woke me at about 4am...A social worker's voice saying L was in labor and wanted us to be there...A hurried shower because I wasn't going to meet my baby with bedhead...The longest drive ever that involved THREE (!!!!!!!!!) stops at different gas stations because hubby just HAD to have some freaking Mt Dew (my bad, Diet Mt Dew) and the first two places didn't have any...The nervous giddiness that this was really happening...Getting lost in the hospital because we parked in the wrong lot...Thinking that L looked really laid back (she'd just gotten her epidural when we arrived)...Hubby's terrified face when L said we could both be in the delivery room and the social worker told him that if she had to go in, so did he...Hubby cowering in the corner, hiding half his face...The humor of seeing pee arc up into the air and hit the doctor nearly in his face...The momentary sinking feeling I experienced when I realized that girls just didn't do that; we had a son, not the daughter I'd wanted...the joy I experienced when I held that tiny boy in my arms and realized that child was meant to be mine...the tears of happiness that I was FINALLY a mother. 

That baby, my kid, gave me a most precious gift; he made me a mother, the thing I'd wanted so desparately for years. And, for the lat 5 years, he's taught me what that means, the challenges, the awesomeness, the hard parts, the hilarity, the exhaustion, the joy. That kid is simply the best and I am amazed at the ferocity of my love for him.

Today I appreciate who he is - his sense of humor...his compassion for others...his perpetual energy (yes, even this)...his intellect...his empathy...his love for his brother, and our whole family...his gentleness...his leadership abilities...his love of music and all things loud...his concern for others...his dancin' skills...his love of all things outdoors, especially sticks, rocks, camping, and hiking...his lack of fear of the water...his sparkling eyes...his joy...his enormous capacity for/to love...him. 

Happy Birthday, kid. There are so many people who love you. I am but one of them. Thank you for being you.

Today's lesson - today is also the day of the year I send constant love to a couple who we love for giving us this amazing creature. Thank you, L and D, where ever you are. We're thinking of you always, but most especially today.

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